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Torrance creativity test manual

torrance creativity test manual

Topics are suggested (e.g., the dog that did not bark or the child may use his own ideas.
Impossibilities task, it was used originally by Guilford and his associates (1951) as a measure of fluency involving complex restrictions and large potential.
Predicting the creativity of elementary school children (1958 80)and the teacher who "made a difference." Gifted Child Quarterly, 25, 55-62.
After preliminary tryouts, Torrance (1962) decided to substitute tin cans and books for bricks.
The tests are game-like to catch children's interests.Verbal tasks using nonverbal stimuli edit Ask and guess task The ask and guess task requires the individual first to ask questions about a picture questions which cannot be answered by just looking at the picture.With the five norm-referenced measures that he now had (fluency, originality, abstractness of titles, elaboration and resistance to premature closure he added 13 criterion-referenced measures which include: emotional keyboard filter driver windows 7 expressiveness, story-telling articulateness, pembaca pdf di hp movement or actions, expressiveness of titles, syntheses of incomplete figures, synthesis of lines,.The Verbal ttct uses one set of grade-related norms for each of the grades which is age appropriate, including the adult level.The scoring of the tests is by hand and require careful attention to the manual for reliable results.Figural ttct: Thinking Creatively with Pictures, the, figural ttct : Thinking Creatively with Pictures is appropriate at all levels, kindergarten through adult.Common problems task This task is an adoption of Guilfords (1951) Test designed to assess the ability to see defects, needs and deficiencies and found to be one of the tests of the factors termed sensitivity to problems.Totals are then accumulated across subtests to provide overall scores for Figural fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration.

Creative design task Hendrickson has designed it which seems to be promising, but scoring procedures are being tested but have not been perfected yet.
Although they have used many of Guilfords concepts in their test construction, the Minnesota group, in contrast to Guilford, has devised tasks which can be scored for several factors, involving both verbal and non-verbal aspects and relying on senses other than vision.
These instruments have been used for identification of the creatively gifted and as a part of gifted matrices in states and districts in the USA, especially in multicultural settings, and for special populations around the world.
Grades K through graduate school.
Age Range: Both Children and Adults.Contents, description edit, built on,.P.Age-related norms are based on the typical age for each of the grades in which the, figural ttct may be used.Subjects are instructed that they will be given common situations and that they will be asked to think of as many problems as they can that may arise in connection with these situations.If a school chooses to score the test locally, the Manual for Scoring and Interpreting Results provides an easy-to-use scoring method.On an ordinary white paper an area of fifty four square inches is divided into ten squares each containing a different stimulus figure.Mother- Hubbard problem This task was conceived as an adoption of the situations task for oral administration in the primary grades and also useful for older groups.Grade-related norms use one set of norms for each of the grades for which the test is appropriate, including the adult level.